Every project is unique - and we take pride in being able to offer an efficient and fulfilling experience to projects big and small.

Whatever your needs, you'll find the Gadgetbox experience is able to offer you more for your time/investment simply because we love what we do, we love doing it, and we have been doing it - for over 15 years - with successful outcomes time after time to show for it. 

Over 40 instruments line the walls of the studio, ready to play and contribute a unique tone to each performance. A classic look and feel to the recording suite offers both novice and experienced artists a chance to work in a familiar environment.

Custom headphone mixes, multiple routing options, playback monitors in every room, and a thorough patch bay allows workflow to remain intuitive and efficient.

Our comfortable lounge allows you to outfit your moments of escape properly- with a 42" plasma TV, AppleTV, DVD player, iPhone/iPad docking station, refridgerator, microwave, tea kettle, and bottomless cups of Java Bob's gourmet coffee.



Bands have a unique identity and sound all to their own - and that uniqueness is what makes them special.

We try to capture the natural energy of a band by highlighting their strengths - and contributing 'the right amount' of creative direction to help the recording become a milestone for their project.
From our large assortment of guitars, drums, keyboards, basses, amps, pedals, and other sound-shaping instruments, we can help make a recording timeless - giving the band the confidence it deserves to take its sound to the streets.

And to help spread the word, our video services offer a diverse menu of options to help a band make the creative content it needs to engage their audience.



Songwriters approach a recording project wearing many hats (musician, lyricist, composer, arranger, to name a few),  and with all the details involved in making each session, it's not long before many songwriters feel taxed and overwhelmed with decision-making.

We earn trust from songwriters the old-fashioned way - by listening to their needs, hearing their input, and working with them to achieve their goals. 

Our team will help keep creativity at the top of your priority list - we'll help with suggesting musical ideas, keeping instruments prepped and tuned, juggling session musicians, sorting out calendars, and even managing your budget to help make each session feel like positive momentum toward completion. 



A great song is more than the sum of its parts - it is through an amazing creative mix that allows the soul of a song to emerge.

The Gadgetbox recording experience has a song's mix in mind from the minute a project begins -- mic placement, room placement, instrument choice, and signal path are all deliberate decisions we use to make conscious choices on how your mix will sound.  As the song progresses, you'll hear the emotion, punch, and sparkle begin to emerge with each decision.

Home recordists are also a big part of our community- because that's how we started.  With more and more musicians taking to their own devices to make their recordings, it's more and more often that we lend a hand in the editing and mixing process to help bring a song to life with our experience in the 'sweet spot.'

With the help of our dedicated and experienced ears, a sweet collection of modern and vintage analog gear and the full suite of Universal Audio UAD-2 plug-ins, you can rest assured that your tracks will come to life with the impact and creativity that helped the song emerge from its inception.



Mastering is the final step in the creative record-making process - it is the last opportunity to alter the sonic presentation of your final mixes and bring together all of your songs into a cohesive group.  Projects recorded in other studios, home studios, or remote environments generally need the opportunity to reach 'standard commercial levels' and be listened to and adjusted in a treated control room by a seasoned set of ears.

Whether you've just been signed by a major label, selling your singles on iTunes, or composing for a film, your music will be more competitive, and you will be more satisfied and more relaxed if you let allow one of our engineers to make the final tweaks to your project.



The results tell the story - video is the #1 method musicians use to find new music.  We've added video production to our menu of services because we want to help all of our artists find their audience.  We make it easy, efficient, and inexpensive to add video production to your project to make sure you capture the magic in more ways than one.