VOLUME 1.2 [November 2016]
ARTIST: Kat Factor
FILMMAKERS: Dave Jeffords, Jason Eagle

VOLUME 1.1 [February 2016]
ARTIST: The Painted Horses
FILMMAKER: Andy Zenczak

Beginning in January 2016, Gadgetbox Studios is proud to present the One Night Stand live music video series.

The goal of the showcase is to pair budding local filmmakers and cinematographers with some of the area's finest songwriters and bands to help produce a music single and accompanying music video in a 24 hour period- all at no charge to the artists.

Over the course of one day, musicians, cinematographers, directors and recording engineers will come together to record and film both a song and video for the artist featured for that session. Bands and songwriters get the opportunity to record in the studio with world class gear, professional engineers, and driven filmmakers to develop their song and story. Directors and cinematographers get a chance to work with some of the area’s top artists and develop their vision for how great music should look. Music fans will be able to visit the entire One Night Stand catalog online and connect with their favorite local acts to discover new, emerging talent. 

And yes - all 100% free.

Registration is currently open.  Please take some time to fill out the appropriate form below and add your talents to this growing showcase of audio-visual artistry.

•  If you are a filmmaker, click here for the filmmaker application.

•  If you are a band/songwriter, click here for the musician application.

click here to read a detailed FAQ.