The absence of a good-sounding acoustic space is one of the fundamental differences between a 'home' recording and a 'professional' recording.  The trademark sound of a budget recording is small, dry, close-mic'd instruments, which provide the listener with very little reference for dimension.  We created the Gadgetbox recording suite  as a solution to this predicament.  With very spacious dimensions, including non-parallel walls, hardwood flooring, staggered ceilings, and a deliberate mix of absorption and diffusion panels, you WILL hear the difference a well-thought out room can make from the moment you walk through the door.  And with seven discrete rooms for isolation (four with windows and full sight lines), you will only hear what you want to hear - nothing more and nothing less.

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Recording Suite

  • main room dimensions:  16'9" x 22'
  • spacious iso rooms with line-of-sight visibility
  • sound-proof window enclosures in all adjacent rooms
  • 32 mic input panel with 8 tie line returns
  • Furman HR-6's for custom headphone mixes


Control Room

  • room dimensions:  12'x17'; window: 2'6" x 5'
  • designed by Butch Rider and Andy Zenczak
  • monitors by Dynaudio Acoustics; L/R subwoofers by Tannoy
  • custom acoustical tuning by Bob Hodas

Control room "A" was designed to be a neutral and clean environment, while still offering the artist a spacious and comfortable space to work in. By reducing the noise floor of the room and providing XLR and 1/4” instrument inputs to capture sound,  the traditional and conservative role of the control room has been expanded.  to allow musicians and engineers to coexist in harmony.  An AVID Pro Tools HD|2 rig ensures the compatibility of modern tracking, editing, and mixing options, while the Yamaha 02R96 mixing desk provides flexible routing options, accurate monitoring, and full console automation/integration with Pro Tools.


  • room dimensions: 16' x 20' -- ceiling height: 30' at apex
  • wired for recording with 16 mic inputs and 2 stereo returns
  • home to Yamaha C7 grand piano; maintained by Fenton Murray
  • full kitcheonette with fridge & microwave; entertainment center with 42" plasma HDTV


A one-of-a-kind room featuring custom tuning and design by Andy Zenczak and studio designer Butch Rider, this room welcomes the artist to the feelinsg and comforts of home while still retaining a spark-inducing creative edge.   Magnificent 30' ceilings provide and incredible volume of air space, allowing natural reverb tails to coexist without fluttering or comb filtering.  A simple kitcheonette provides the basic amenities, while the rooms' spacious dimensions allow recording of anything from a solo piano recital to a full-sized trio or quartet. This room truly has to be heard to be believed.  Custom headphone mixes are available as well, making for a full-featured recording room that is unique to Gadgetbox and rarely witnessed at any studios in this price point.


Video Suite

  • APPLE iMac 3.4 GHz Quad-Core i7 (16GB RAM)
  • APPLE "Final Cut Pro"  (v10.0.5)  (with Motion and Compressor)
  • APPLE "Thunderbolt Display" 27"
  • PROMISE "Pegasus" 4x1TB Thunderbolt RAID Array
  • AVID Pro Tools 9
  • AVID "Artist Mix" and "Artist Transport" controllers
  • UNIVERSAL AUDIO "Apollo" Quad UAD-2 plug-in suite


Using the latest version of Apple's Final Cut Pro "X" as a creative platform, the Gadgetbox "B Room" now offers an in-house, full-service video editing suite for our clients.  From "studio diaries" to music videos, location recording to session still photography, video has officially become the most effective way to reach an audience. We have embraced this medium in an effort to provide our artists with the tools they need to promote their project, be it a single, demo, EP, live show recording, or full-length studio recording.


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