Whether you're part of a non-profit, design a specialty product, or are passionate about the service you provide the community, there is no better way to deliver a powerful message to a rapidly growing audience than through video.  Our production team thrives when telling stories about dedicated entrepreneurs, creative concepts, and passionate stories that humanize what you do - and then share your story directly with your audience, wherever they may be.

Filmed on location at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, this is a profile on UNIVERSAL AUDIO's authentic replica of the venerable Solid State Logic "E Series" Channel Strip. Interviews with Grammy award winning producers Just Blaze, Chuck Zwicky, and Kevin Killen are testimony to the history and significance of the E Series console to the shape of both timeless classics and modern cutting edge music productions.

Produced by Gadgetbox Studios in conjunction with Universal Audio. Filmed and edited by Andy Zenczak

The YOUNG WRITERS PROGRAM is an amazing and empowering organization in Santa Cruz County that offers our youth an opportunity to creatively explore writing outside the context of the classroom with the help of volunteer mentors from our community. To witness the growth, expression and fulfillment in the eyes of these kids is a powerful and moving experience. We were fortunate to work with the program to produce a short piece showcasing the program and highlighting the difference it is making in our young writers. Please have a look at the amazing work Julia Chiapella has accomplished and the difference that simple "attention" can make in a child's life!

Produced by Gadgetbox Studios. Filmed and edited by Andy Zenczak. Assisted by Collin Atkinson and Anton Doty.

An inside peek at the diverse controls at your fingertips with ROSSUM ELECTRO MUSIC's "Control Forge" 8-segment function generator.  Directed and Filmed by Andy Zenczak. Edited by Shawheen Keyani.

Broadcast TV commercial for California State Assemblymember Mark Stone. Produced by Gadgetbox Studios. Directed by Kelly Kowalski. Filmed and Edited by Andy Zenczak and Kelly Kowalski.

"Think Before You Throw" is a short PSA featuring Mav'Ricks, the mascot of the Santa Cruz Warriors Basketball team in an entertaining and educational short piece about anti-contamination in our local recycling. Concept by Shawheen Keyani and Andy Zenczak. Directed by Shawheen Keyani. Produced by Andy Zenczak. Cinematography by Andy Zenczak. Post Production editing by Shawheen Keyani and Andy Zenczak.

We were thrilled to be asked to produce a profile /awareness piece for the "Monterey Bay Community Power" initiative, a regional project among local government agencies that aims to provide electricity to residents and businesses throughout Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties through the new Community Choice Energy (CCE) model.

Produced by Gadgetbox Studios in association with Miller Maxfield, Inc. Directed by Andy Zenczak and Beau Saunders.  Scripting by Jennifer Murray, Bill Maxfield, and Beau Saunders. Cinematography by Andy Zenczak and Beau Saunders. Edited by Andy Zenczak and Shawheen Keyani.  Animation by Nathan Kennedy.

We are proud to introduce Rossum Electro's return to the modular synth audience with this product profile teaser for their first Eurorack module release, "Evolution."

Produced by Patrick Brede & Andy Zenczak. Videography by Beau Saunders & Andy Zenczak. Music by Patrick Brede. Editing by Shawheen Keyani & Beau Saunders.

As part of an awareness campaign for the Santa Cruz "Friends of the Rail Trail" project, this piece highlights the economic, environmental and health benefits a Rail/Trail system could eventually provide greater Santa Cruz County.  Sponsored by Santa Cruz Friends of the Rail Trail and Ecology Action.

Directed and Filmed by Andy Zenczak.  Edited by Beau Saunders. Assisted by Collin Atkinson.  Executive Producer: Chris O'Connell.

A very quick and cute documentary short featuring Alii Sesnovich, a very happy consumer of Driscoll's berries from Michigan, and Dane Scurich, an independent berry grower for Driscoll's who tends to their luscious fruits in the Watsonville/Salinas area.  It's a touching story about what happens when you reach out and show your appreciation for something that is important to you- and the ways the folks at Driscoll's reciprocated for Ali's selfless gesture.

Directed by Andy Zenczak.  Filmed by Shawheen Keyani and Andy Zenczak.  Edited by Shawheen Keyani.

When faced with the county's worst drought in decades, the Santa Cruz Water Department had to make difficult choices in both recognizing the current issues and engaging the big picture of the hurdles that lie ahead if our community doesn't focus on a sustainable future for our watershed.  Filmed on location throughout Santa Cruz county, this video tells the story of water's passage through our water system, and the challenges that lie in front of us to protect this fragile ecosystem for the future.

Directed by Andy Zenczak. Edited by Julian Faras Cinematography by Julian Faras.  Drone videography by Barry Blanchard.  Location sound recording by Collin Atkinson. Preproduction by Jason Hatfield.


With a game of hide and seek as our concept and a selection of fun handmade finger puppets as our willing cast, we used stop motion animation and clever sound design to bring owner Julie Howard's toy store Leo Kids to life.

Filmed and edited by Shawheen Keyani & Andy Zenczak. Concept by Andy Zenczak.  

When local health and fitness gurus Cliff Hodges and Sam Radetsky opened CrossFit West (and most recently CrossFit Watsonville), their vision of a gym was much more than muscles and reps.  Community is the core of CrossFit West, and our goal was to capture the passion, camaraderie and team spirit of these great facilities with this uplifting profile on one of Santa Cruz's most popular fitness destinations.

Produced and directed by Andy Zenczak.  Cinematography by Andy Zenczak and Julian Faras. Edited by Julian Faras. Sound design and audio mastering by Andy Zenczak. Assisted by Celeste Deriusa and Collin Atkinson. 

This video introduces acupuncturist Beth Dorsey and the philosophy behind her "Points For Wellness" Acupunture and Herbal Medicine Practice located in Soquel, CA.

Produced and directed by Andy Zenczak. Cinematography by Julian Faras and Andy Zenczak. Edited by Julian Faras.

With the ever-changing landscape of benefits eligibility, the County of Santa Cruz needed a short informational video helping potential interviewees understand the job description and skills needed to excel as a Benefits Representative.  We worked closely with the County's Human Services department to develop a theme and focus to this video that shows the general tasks and overall potential in this career position.  Produced in conjunction with Miller/Maxfield.  Directed by Andy Zenczak and Jason Hatfield.  Cinematography by Andy Zenczak and Julian Faras. Edited by Julian Faras.

A short testimonial showcasing the power of giving. Just as her hopes began to diminish, Dolores E. Smithem-Cicholas tells the story of just how touched she was when Chris O'Connell from the Ocean Honda dealership in Santa Cruz gave her and her sister the gift of reuniting for the holidays.  This short testimonial provided Ocean Honda with immediate positive feedback, leading to the sale of multiple vehicles in a very short period of time following the videos's release.

Produced by Andy Zenczak. Edited by Julian Faras

The Sempervirens Fund has been preserving the redwood forests on the central coast since the year 1900.  When they needed a video to introduce their "Great Park Campaign", they turned to Gadgetbox Studios (in associated with Miller Maxfield) to create a compelling piece that showcased the beauty of the redwoods with high-impact testimonials from the likes of Jim and Leon Panetta, Julie Packard, and more. 

produced by Andy Zenczak.  Directed and edited by Julian Faras.

Antares Technologies - Product Profile Videos
The Gadgetbox team took on the challenge of developing a series of 14 videos for Antares Technoligies, a leader in music and pro audio vocal/intonation processing software. Well-known for their legendary AutoTune® pitch correction software, we assembled a more personal walkthrough each plug-in within their lineup, resulting in an easy-to-follow featurette highlighting the power and versatility of each piece of software in their catalog.

produced by Andy Zenczak.  Edited by Julian Faras and George Chadwick. Cinematography by George Chadwick, Julian Faras, and Andy Zenczak.  Scripting by Marco Alpert.

A biographical journey through the inspiration of Santa Cruz, Califonia-based luthier Scott Walker. Featuring live footage of the Steve Kimock Band and MoonAlice.

produced by Andy Zenczak. Directed and edited by George Chadwick.
Original soundtrack by Scott Walker and Andy Zenczak

Selected as a finalist for the 2012 CreaTV San Jose "CreaTIVe" Awards, this piece focused a unique set of still photographs into an impactful introduction for the Los Gatos Morning Rotary's "Lighting For Literacy", a non-profit organization dedicated to teach teens how to build a sustainable and renewable lighting system to homes across the planet without electricity.

produced by Andy Zenczak.  Edited by George Chadwick.

A profile video for Jefferson Shallenberger and Sugar Percussion. Featuring Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman and platinum-award winning producer Eric Valentine.  Shot on location in Hollywood, Chicago, and Santa Cruz.


produced by Andy Zenczak and Jefferson Shallenberger.
edited by Julian Faras

Dr. Joseph Isaacson introduces the Metabolic Nutrition Program and how his doctor-supervised weight loss regimen can make a safe transition to being healthy and fit. for more information: video produced by Gadgetbox Studios Productions directed and edited by George Chadwick cinematography by George Chadwick and Andy Zenczak music (c) 1999 by History. All rights reserved. for more information on Gadgetbox Studios and audio/video production, please visit:

Scott Walker Guitars - "The Jimson"
product demo featuring guitarist Ron Work