At Gadgetbox, we specialize in creative ideas for creative minds.  Whether you’re an up and coming band or songwriter, or a ‘mom & pop shop’ with a great product or service, we’re here to help you create compelling video productions that will get in your audience’s minds – and stay there.


Carolyn Sills Combo • "Big Canoe" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
A slapstick tale of a band on the run inspired by the silent cinema humor of Charlie Chaplin & Buster Keaton, this song was an instant favorite after being recorded at Gadgetbox for Carolyn Sills Combo's 2016 release, "Dime Stories Vol. 2."  Directed by Shawheen Keyani. Filmed and Edited by Andy Zenczak. Production assistance and logistics by Ellie Stayner. Shot on location at Wilder Ranch State Park, Santa Cruz.

Kathleen Murray • "Fallen Branches" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Songwriter Kathleen Murray had some very clear ideas on how she wanted to showcase this intimate and introspective song about finding one's self.  After an intense preproduction storyboarding process and numerous location scoutings around Santa Cruz county, we shot Fallen Branches in five different sunrise/sunset sessions over the summer of 2014.  Produced/directed by Andy Zenczak and Kathleen Murray. DP: Julian Faras.  Additional cinematography: Andy Zenczak.  Edited by Julian Faras and Andy Zenczak. Preproduction artwork/AD: Jason Hatfield. Assisted by Collin Atkinson. Starring Maddie Hill. From the 2014 album "Woodland Voices" by Kathleen Murray. Produced by Andy Zenczak.

Coffis Brothers • "You Ain't Got the Heart" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
The single from the 2017 release "Roll With It", this track features the boys in the band in the underestimated and compromised position of challenging a cutthroat team of pre-teen ladies to a match of paintball.  Concept by Andy Zenczak. Produced by Gadgetbox Studios Directed and Edited by Andy Zenczak. Filmed by Shawheen Keyani. Assistant Director: RJ Allen. Production Assistant: Ben Barsocchini.

Tammi Brown • "That's How It Goes" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Vocalist/Songwriter Tammi Brown had a vision of relating the memories of several poignant moments of her life through the lyrics of her song "That's How It Goes"- the Gadgetbox crew worked with her to explore these moments and weave them into an unforgettable video for this fantastic original song featuring pianist Tom Schumann of Spyro Gyra.  Produced by Tammi Brown and Andy Zenczak. Directed and edited by George Chadwick. Cinematographers: Eric Ressler, Andy Zenczak, Scott Haupenthal, George Chadwick, Patrick Brede.

Coffis Brothers • "Trouble Town" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Filmed on location at the band's rehearsal room, the Coffis Brothers requested a simple, 'down-to-earth' rendition of them performing the lead track from their 2014 release "Wrong Side of the Road".  Cinematography by Andy Zenczak and Julian Faras. Editing by Julian Faras.

Project Pete Ford • "One Love"  [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Songwriter Pete Ford approached us with the basic idea of his song "One Love" - and how he wanted to share it with the world.  By handling the logistics and defining the vision of the meaning of the song, the Gadgetbox team brought the meaning of the song to life.
Shot and recorded on location at St. Joseph's Cathedral Basilica, San Jose, CA. Directed by Andy Zenczak. Cinematography by Julian Faras, Patrick Brede and Andy Zenczak.  Editing by Julian Faras.

People of the Sun • "Red Sun" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
Powerful psychedlic progressive rock music needs a powerful psychedelic music video that blows your mind and rocks your world. Sit back and strap in. Filmed and edited by Shawheen Keyani.

Angela Brito • "Barco Negro"  [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] Portuguese folk singer Angela Brito's modernized interpretation of a classic tragic Fado song. Shot in two sessions during fall of 2013, the video ties together stories of love (shot at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco) and a tale of tragedy (shot on the beach near Pescadero, CA,).
Directed and edited by Julian Faras; cinematography by Julian Faras, Andy Zenczak and Patrick Brede

Rob Owen • "Another Breath"  [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
directed and edited by George Chadwick; cinematography by Eric Ressler and Andy Zenczak


David Silveira Garcia
"Falta Escrever na Lua" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Coffis Brothers
"Waiting for You" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]



Social medialize and immortalize your studio time with a 60-second teaser that packs alot of punch in just a little time. 

Carolyn Sills Combo
"Dime Stories Vol 2" - album release teaser

Mark Banks

Victory Sweet


Quartet San Francisco - CD pre-release

Ian Bell

Kate Targan - "From the Light"


Wooster - Album Release Teaser

Coffis Brothers - CD Release party teaser



A great way to capture the energy of your live show and broadcast it for fans AND bookers. 

Kelly Koval
"Swing Low Sweet Chariot"
Live at Gadgetbox Studios

Quartet San Francisco
CD Release Show
Yoshi's - Oakland.

Matt Conable Band
"One Step at a Time" 
Live at Gadgetbox Studios

Brian Gore
"The Last Mission"
Live at Gadgetbox Studios

Lauren Shera
"Once I Was A Bird" CD Release
Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz.

New West Guitar Group
"Black Crow' (with Sara Gazarek)
Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz

Crocker Theatre, Cabrillo College

Michael Glick
"Fugue in F Minor" (for pipe organ)
At the historic Santa Cruz Mission

New World Ape
"Present Day" CD/Vinyl Release Show
Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz

Cécile McLorant Salvant
Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz
February 15, 2014


Recorded at the legendary Skywalker Sound Studios on the Lucasfilm campus, we worked with the two-time Grammy-nominated Quartet San Francisco to capture the excitement and intensity of the studio sessions and constructed a pre-release video to engage their audience and reveal the tenacity and perseverance required in the studio to make a record of such magnitude.

Produced by Andy Zenczak.  Edited by Julian Faras.

The Details - official band profile

Kate Targan - "The Making of 'From the Light'"


Fire and Grace - official band profile

"In the Studio" - The Coffis Brothers

Jade Elizabeth Taylor - "Shades of Jade" 

Andy Zenczak • producer/engineer


Lauren Shera - "Gold and Rust" full-length album

The Rayburn Brothers - "Back to California" full-length

Kathleen Murray - "Woodland Voices" full-length

Rob Owen - "Another Breath" single