With YouTube recently securing 2nd place as the most used search engine, and the #1 method your average listener finds out about new music (aside from word-of-mouth from friends), the power of video has become more apparent than ever.  Even for musicians and songwriters, whose passion and hard work typically ends up encapsulated in a CD or mp3 playlist, the reality is that video has absolutely surpassed pure audio in terms of its ability to reach people and broadcast an informational – and artistic – message about an artist’s pursuits.

By adding quality video - at a price the average independent artist or businessperson won't run from, we are putting our money where our mouths are.  For a very small portion of what it used to cost years ago to make a presentable video, the Gadgetbox team have found a niche for the creative artist, musician, and small business:  “creating memorable videos that genuinely portray what makes our clients who they say they are.”



CANON C100 mkII cinema cameras (x2)
CANON XC15 Ultra HD (4K)
CANON 6D (full frame sensor)
CANON 80D (crop sensor)
DJI 'Phantom 3' Professional (4K Drone Quadcopter)
DJI 'Osmo' 3-axis gimbal stabilized handheld (4K)
GOPRO Hero 4


CANON 24mm f/1.4L
CANON 85mm f/1.8
CANON 135mm f/2L
CANON 100mm f/2.8L Macro
SIGMA 50mm f/1.4

CANON 16-35mm f/2.8L III
CANON 24-70mm f/2.8L II
CANON 24-105mm f/4L IS
CANON 70-200mm f/2.8L IS
CANON 70-200mm f/4L IS
CANON 18-135mm STM
CANON 10-18mm Ultra Wide STM

ALZO model 3200 LED dimmable - 2000 watt equivalent (x2)
ALZO model 3000 LED dimmable- 1500 watt equivalent (x2)
GENERAY mini bi-color LED (x3)
LOWELL "Pro-Light" 250w (x6)
LOWELL "Omni-Light" 500w
LOWELL "Tota Light" 750w
FLOLIGHT "Microbeam 512" Portable LED
various on-camera/portable lights
gels, barn doors, various diffusors and modifiers


KESSLER "Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly"
KESSLER "Pocket Jib Traveler"
DSLR DEVICES "Micro Jib" (6ft)
RHINO "RhinoSteady" Steadicam Stablizer
MANFROTTO Quick Release system on all supports
MANFROTTO Tripod heads and bases (x5)
MANFROTTO Fluid Head Pro Monopods (x3)
MANFROTTO "Autopoles" (x6)
MANFROTTO "Magic Arms" (x3)
various shoulder mounts and handheld stabilizers


DJI "Ronin-M" 3-axis gimbal stabilizer/steadicam
ZACUTO "EVF" and "Z-Finder" monitor and viewfinder
SMALLHD "DP6" 6" monitor with focus assist
IKAN "Elite v2" Teleprompter


SOUND DEVICES "Mix-Pre-D" 2-channel location preamp/AD converter
TASCAM DR-680 mk ii 8 channel location recorder
UNIVERSAL AUDIO "Apollo" 8 channel preamp/AD
SENNHEISER "EW-112 G3" wireless lavalier mics (x3)
SENNHEISER "SKP 100" and "SKP 300" wireless XLR transmitters
RODE "NTG-3" precision shotgun mic
RODE "Video-Mic Pro" hotshoe mini-shotgun
AUDIO-TECHNICA "899" wired lavalier mics (x2)
K-TEK 12' Carbon Fiber Professional Boom
APPLE 15"MacBook Pro running Avid Pro Tools v11 Software
ZOOM H4N for battery-powered location recording


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