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One Night Stand FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the "One Night Stand" live music video collaboration series.


What is One Night Stand?

The One Night Stand series is a monthly event we plan to run through 2016.  Our intent is to offer a cost-effective opportunity for bands/songwriters to record their music *live* in a studio setting. 
During each session, three artists will be invited to participate.  Artists may propose a trio of bands for a particular session, or we can help pair an artist with other like-minded artists.   Each artist will get to utilize 2 hours of setup/playing time - with that time slot they can aim for filming one song with more detail, or go for more songs with a simpler approach and less attention to detail.  By sharing the cost of setup of equipment, rental of studio space, payment for crew, etc, each artist benefits by receiving two hours of low cost audio/video recording time.  With quick turnover between artists, each band also benefits from having an audience present assembled from other artists and an intimate group of friends that each artist is allowed to invite. The addition of a live audience of their peers delivers a motivating yet low-stress environment to help bring the most out of the performance and help make the recording look and sound its best.

Where does One Night Stand take place?

We're currently operating out of a beautiful studio space in the Santa Cruz area called Wind River.  It is tucked away in nature in the middle of the redwoods, with a wonderful outdoor patio to congregate on, and a beautiful craftsman style approach to its interior aesthetic.  Unlike most studios, this space has a small stage we can set up on, as well as large windows that let natural light in and provide us with a glimpse of the outdoors at every turn.

With that said, we're open to recording/filming 'on location' and stretching out to a new location if there's an ideal place to host us!  If you love the sound of your living room and have two other acts that love it too, then we'll come to you!

Who owns the music/video at the end of the project?

When each session is completed, there will be a mixed and mastered music single and a music video for everyone involved to share.  The band will retain the right to their music, the filmmaker will retain the rights to the video, and proper credits will be posted to ensure everyone’s involvement is credited.  Gadgetbox reserves the right to help promote and publicize any assets collected from the session, but creative ownership of the music & video remains in the possession of the creators.

Will we be able to share it the music/video?

Absolutely!  Aside from playing matchmaker with musicians and filmmakers, our hope for this series is to get as much visibility as possible.  We’ll be making our choices for which artists get to work together each month based on both creative compatibility andsocial media presence.  If you have an active presence online, you’re more likely to be picked to be part of the “One Night Stand” shoots.  Because it’s a free series, we’ll likely have enough applicants to film for a decade, but we’re interested in supporting quality artists who are visible, have a web presence and will do their part in helping us promote this opportunity.

Do you guys help out with the creative concept for the video?

There will be a (mandatory) introductory ‘meet and greet’ with the musical artist and the filmmaker/crew at the Gadgetbox so we can go over the logistics of the space and help flush out ideas.  We may suggest ideas as part of the preproduction, but we are genuinely interested in the collaboration process and hope the band/songwriter and filmmaker can come up with a concept on their own.  NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concerts", “Audiotree”, “Daytrotter” “Takeaway Shows”, and the “From the Basement” series are all good examples of the range and variety you can expect.

Can I bring props, decor, etc?

Yes. The studio has a refined look as it is, but if you're looking to 'dress the set' and complete your vision of a music video complete with lighting, decor, props, wardrobe/costumes, special effects, etc, by all means bring it along!

What do you mean by ‘in a 24 hour period?’

Although we're not looking to create a feeling of urgency, its important to ensure each artist gets their time, as well as time to setup and break down.  There are light checks and sound checks associated with each artist as well, so it's important to stay to a schedule to allow ample time for the production to flow smoothly.  Typical timing for a “One Night Stand” session might look something like this:

9AM-11AM – video crew arrives, unload, camera setup, lighting setup
11AM-12PM – artists arrive, load-in and setup for Artist #1
2PM-3PM – Artist #1 pack up and load; Artist #2 load-in and setup
5PM-6PM - Artist #2 pack up and load; Artist #3 load-in and setup
8PM-10:00PM - wrap, load-out


What will I leave with?
Each artist will leave with audio rough mixes of their session.  Due to the time intensive-nature of importing and backing up video data, we unfortunately won't be able to provide any video at the end of a session.

You got it – free.  We’ve been lucky enough to be part of hundreds of artists growth in the studio since 2001.  With the addition of video in 2013, we started to hear – and see – that growth in a completely different way.  Now that video is clearly established as one of the most popular ways to search for new music, we want to help local artists and filmmakers with a resource for collaboration….  And with the eye of the many talented filmmakers we know are out there, we can get a look at music through a different ‘lens’ every time.   You may want to budget for props – i.e. anything you want to bring in to make the studio look like you want it to look…. (Xmas lights, snowflakes, confetti, art deco furniture, wardrobe, etc…), but there is absolutely no charge for the use of the space.   It’s our way of giving back to the musical community that has been our focus for 15 years, and a way to network with talented bands and filmmakers in our community so we can help spread the word about our amazing local music scene.

How do I sign up already ?

There are  application forms available online:

Application for musicians
Application for filmmakers

Please fill them out completely- as the more we know about everyone, the more we can help make creative pairings that can really spark some excitement.

A Word of Thanks

On behalf of the whole Gadgetbox Crew, thanks in advance to all of you willing to share and participate.  We are excited to see this series off and to welcome new and excited audio and visual artists into our space.  We won't have time to respond to everyone directly, but once you register in our online form, you're application is submitted and is in regular rotation each month to get picked up by an aspiring filmmaker.  Please help us spread the word and develop and audience by sharing the "One Night Stand" link with your friends and fans.