Gadgetbox is the recording studio model of the future: providing recording artists and creative visionaries with the content they need for success.

Home of esteemed producer/engineer Andy Zenczak and his team of audio/video zealots,  Gadgetbox is a unique artist-driven environment focused on creativity- and the art in capturing it.


We spend our days helping to craft music in varying degrees of complexity--- from broadcast-ready full-scale album production, singles, EPs, or location recording at live venues... we've done it all.

Our 15 years of recording in Santa Cruz provides us with an understanding of the creative community in this area, and the ever-changing goals of the independent musician.  In short, we get it-  and we have the space, tools, and people at the helm to help you capture the magical moments in a way that will exceed your expectations.  [MORE]


In today's world, your audience is watching -- and whether you're an independent band/songwriter, or a creative entrepreneur, business, or non-profit organization, we have a team that can craft a compelling video and tell your story-  with the same amount of passion that you put into it. 

If it's time to 'humanize' your website with a genuine look at what makes your vision special, look no further - the Gadgetbox Production team produces rich video productions that tell your story and help you expand your audience with a personal and creative flair.  [MORE]



Gadgetbox's grand poobah and head teaboy, Andy has been producing and engineering for over 15 years.  A 2014 Gail Rich Award winner, Andy has worked as a producer/engineer with 400+ artists and has over 1500 mixed songs under his belt. With his most recent passion of cinematography and producing videos, he's now equally at home helping artists craft both finely-tuned recordings AND capture rich cinematic videos with his Canon C100 (when he doesn't have it pointed at his two kids...)  [MORE]

Audio avenger, computer crusader, mountain biking maven and location recordist extraordinaire, Patrick's dedication to capturing audio is rivaled (only barely) by his keen appreciation of fine brews and whiskey. He can also be found behind a camera taking exceptional still photos and video for many of our productions.

A graduate of CSUMB's recording and engineering program, Collin brings a positive and upbeat spin to all things audio and video.  He has a solid foundation in music theory as well, and has toured the country as guitarist of the band Luxury Sweets.  Whether it's setting up in the studio or keeping sound solid on location, his detail and diligence helps keep things running smooth.

Kelly is a multiple Emmy-award winning video director/producer and an interactive digital designer.  In addition to running her own production company in Africa for 15 years and producing documentaries for PBS, BBC and ARTE, she freelances as a media campaign strategist and takes the lead on many of Gadgetbox's video productions with her unique style of creativity, competency, and comedy!

While playing in bands growing up, Ben introduced himself to the magical world of audio production through UCSC’s electronic music program. He balances school by managing Gadgetbox's social media content and organizing the One Night Stand Video Series while looking over shoulders in the studio to learn as much as possible.

Our go-to gal and woman of many hats, including wardrobe monitor, makeup artist, hair-stylist, psychological masseuse and video production assistant all-star, Celeste can organize/prep a shoot, whip up some great graphics, sing a backing vocal on your record AND plan a mean party.


Gadgetbox is located in the blossoming west-side arts neighborhood in Santa Cruz, CA.  With the Monterey Bay coastline in walking distance and world class eateries, wineries, craft-style bakeries, coffee shops,  brewpubs, and the county's largest organic grocery store within a couple of blocks, you'll find break time both convenient and inspiring.  [MORE]