At Gadgetbox, we specialize in profiling the unique and passionate stories of driven individuals, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Sharing your story as a creative artist or entrepreneur is essential to finding your audience.   Video is debatably the strongest way to reach a targeted group of people, and with the right visual message, you'll expand your ability to reach a new audience around the clock.


Every good story starts with a great idea, and the goal behind your video should be clear, focused, and defined.  From there, we work with you on developing a creative concept that helps send your message with a compelling and captivating flair.


Knowing is half the battle, and preproduction is often what separates a good video from a fantastic one. Drafting storyboards, rendering concept art, generating shot lists, and scouring through reference videos and images for ideas on props, set design, wardrobe, and hair and makeup are all part of the process.  You should have a good feel for what your video will look like before a camera is even turned on.


From minimal one-camera shoots to full-scale location productions, the Gadgetbox team has you covered. We have an extensive selection of in-house cameras, lenses, lighting and support equipment to execute an amazing variety of exciting shots, and the production experience and know-how to orchestrate teams of two to twenty.


The job of the editor is to unbridle creativity while keeping obsessive attention to the details.  In the end, it's our job to tell your story in the most compelling and efficient way possible.  We use a state-of-the-art Final Cut Pro X editing system complete with an amazing suite of color grading, filtering, and transitioning tools so that your video has the feel and polish of a much higher-budget production.  


Chris O'Connell (from Ocean Honda in Santa Cruz) speaks some kind words on his experience working with the Gadgetbox Production Team on the "Sisters" holiday testimonial for Ocean Honda.

More testimonials coming soon!  Visit out Yelp! page for more!